World ranks of education

World ranks of education, Finland currently ranks first in terms of educational rankings, while the “superpower” United States ranks 20th.

By 2020, Finland will be the only country in the world where there is no such thing as a subject in schools. Any school in the land has a maximum of 195 children and one teacher for every 19 children.

The longest break in the world is also in Finland, children spend 75 minutes of their school time in breaks,

second only 57 minutes break in New York schools,

while in our country if parents find out that If a school gives children

such a long break instead of “teaching” then they should take the child out of school the very next day.

While teachers spend 2 hours a day on improving their “skills”.

There are no schools in the whole country for children under the age of seven

and there is no regular examination of any kind before the age of fifteen.

Asked what he teaches children, a math teacher said with a smile,

“I teach children to be happy and to keep others happy, because that way they can easily solve every question in life.”

World ranks of education Take the example of Japan. Until the third grade, children are taught the same subject and they are “ethics” and “manners”.

Hazrat Ali said, “There is no religion in that which has no literature.” I don’t know how the Japanese know Hazrat Ali and why we have not been able to find out about him yet.

However, the Japanese are currently responsible for implementing it.

A friend of ours went to Japan and when he arrived at the airport he introduced himself as a teacher

and then he thought that maybe he is the Prime Minister of Japan.

The late Ashfaq Ahmed once had to go to court in Italy and he He also introduced himself that I am a teacher.

He writes that all the people present in the court including the judge stood up from their seats. This is the secret of the rise and fall of nations.

In Japan, the social sciences are not “taught” because it is something to be taught,

not to be taught, and they are teaching society to their descendants very well.

In Japan’s schools, children and teachers take care of the cleaning themselves. From 8:00 am to 10:00 am, the whole school, including the children and teachers, is busy cleaning.

Our education system and
Our children

World ranks of education On the other hand, look at our education system
Our children have become “publishers”, consisting only of copying and printing.

You see the spectacle that is written in the book,

the teachers copy it on the board, the children print it again on the copy,

the teachers put the same copied and printed material in the test, mark the important questions themselves

and They make the paper themselves and check it themselves and give the numbers themselves,
The decision to have or fail the child is also made by the parents themselves and the parents keep on applauding the result

and singing the praises of the children to be intelligent and capable.

Those whose children fail they keep on regretting this result. And keep taunting your child for “leprous brain” and “dull mind”.

We have 13- to 14-year-olds lined up and assembled,

and as soon as they graduate from school, they break the queue and get their work done.

Knows the art of teaching. Students spend all their time in school “scratching” science

and you will not find any thing called “scientist” in the whole country

because unfortunately science is something to “learn” and to experience for yourself. And we also call it “Rita”.

You will be surprised that the first matriculation exam was held in 1858 and the British government decided

that the people of the subcontinent are half of our intellect so we have “passing marks” of 65.

So for the people of the subcontinent, it should be 32.5.

Two years later, in 1860, for the convenience of teachers, passing marks were made 33

and we are also busy searching for the intelligence of our children with these 33 marks.

This verse of Allama Iqbal’s poem seems to accurately express the whole situation that
The branch will be on a delicate branch which will be nesting, unsustainable.

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