And the Adventure begins.
The long awaited tour.
The reason I bought Achakzai the Rig.

This tour was planned with mama Mohammad Tofeeq Baloch along with company when I bought Achakzai.
This will be a long and fully off-road adventure tour.

This rig is loaded with every thing we will need in this adventure.

110 litres of Diesel (40 in Jerry cans)
A cast net for fishing.
Sleeping bags.
Mosquito Nets.
Ice box full of Ice.
Crockery(Pan, kettle, Cups etc.)
Cooking item (Meat, wheat flour ,rice, vegetables)
Water bottles to keep the water cooler in Desert.
And a Shotgun for safety đŸ˜œ

To continued…Day 01.

This trip was to explore the south west regions of BALOCHISTAN.

We started out tour at 12o,clock in the noon towards the district Washuk vai Palantak and the target was to reach Kamarood before sunset.
While We had extreme off road as the road was damaged due to resent rains.
We bought a goat from a shepherd on the way.
Tour to the South of MIGHTY BALOCHISTAN.

Day 02.

We woke up early in the morning weather was good and breeze was blowing.
However We started our day with the breakfast Mudasir Baloch made us.

We packed out thinks and went to the banks of Mashkel river for fishing.
In two hours we almost caught 3kg fishes.

After fishing and swimming we went back to our base camp till noon and started our preparations for lunch.
After lunch we explored the region and reached back to our base camp before sunset.

Day 03.

We woke up early as the sun rises it gets hot and we were sleeping on a plan land with out any shadow.
Also We had breakfast and start preparing for lunch as today it was goat day Mudasir sacrifice the goat and cut it down In pieces.

One Chef made Karahi and other chef made Kalagi with rice after lunch we gather our luggage and stuff as today team 1 and 2 are going to be sparate one will had back to Panjgur and we will continue our journey.

Before starting our journey we filled every bottle with water we had as we were traveling towards Mashkel desert.
We said farewell to each other and continue our journey towards Roodh from the middle of the desert.
Masood had a friend there in Roodh so we decided we will pay him our regards.

We reached Roodh there in his farm lands and refreshed our self from the tube well water there till evening when the sun was cool enough so we can start our journey again to Mashkel city.

Passing from unique and beautiful landscape and date palm forests we reached Mashkel city after sunset.
We set our camp there and will continue our journey next morning Ins Allah.

by the source of shahab mighty balochistan Facebook page

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