the last prophet in the field of al-Fatra

Last Prophet, the Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah Mohammad, the last prophet in the field of al-Fatra, gave the last sermon to 9-day al-Ajja, 10 Hijri (7 March 632 CE).

Let’s repeat the main points of this sermon, because our prophet said, reach all these things to others. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: *

1 *. O people! Listen, I do not think that next year I will be present between you. Listen to my words very much, and reach them those who do not exist here.

* 2 *. O people! The way it is today, this month and this place is honorable. Similarly, other Muslims are the life of honor, respect and wealth. (You can not tease them).

* 3 *. Return to the loss of wealth and the trusts,

* 4 *. Do not tighten anyone, do not harm anyone. So that you too safe.

* 5 *. Remember, you have to meet God, and Allah will ask you about your actions.

* 6 *. God has finished interest, so far away from all the diet transactions (forgive).

* 7 *. You are right on women, and they keep you right. When you are fulfilling their rights, you fulfill their responsibilities.

* 8 *. Keep a look at the attitude of women about women, because they live in your partnership and partnership.

* 9 *. Never go close to adultery.

* 10 *. O people! Listen to me, just worship Allah, complete the prayers of prayer, keep fasting of Ramadan, and keep paying a victorious. Hajj if you are abusive.

* 11 *However Based on the basis of color generation, do not get in biography based on the band, the black on the blond and the blond, the Arabic does not get the paradise and the pajamas, and the praise is not a sign of the other Muslim. You all are equal to God. The edge is due only to the divine.

* 12 *. Remember! Also One day you have to appeal to Allah’s responsibility in front of God, be aware! Do not mislead after me.

* 13 *. Remember! After me, no prophet comes, no new religion will be brought. I understand my words well.

* 14 *. I am leaving two things for you, the Koran and my Sunnah, if you follow them, they will never be misled.

* 15 *. Listen! You are able to reach people missing. And they reached the next people again. And it is possible that the later one can understand more than the first person and follow the first. And can give it better invitation.

* Then you picked up the face towards the sky and said *, * * * * * O Allah! Being witnesses, I have touched your message to your people.

* Note *: Allah adds us to those who listen to and read this message and follow it. Also And be spread forward.

Allah will give us all the love and saints of prophet in this world, and in the Hereafter, he shall make his prophet in the Almighty, Amen.

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