Raza Baqir’s term ends Governor State Bank

Raza Baqir’s term ends, government announces the name of acting Governor State Bank

Deputy Governor Murtaza Syed will perform the affairs of the Governor Statate Bank till the new deployment,

the new Permanent Governor is likely to be appointed Central Bank in a month

However Raza Baqir end of the period, the government declared the Acting Governor State Bank. According to the federal government decided not to extend the term Raza Baqir as SBP. While After over 3 years of employment Baqir Raza government has delegated responsibility Acting Governor Deputy Governor Syed Murtaza.

Meanwhile According to media reports, the appointment of the new governor will conduct the affairs of the Deputy Governor SBP governor Syed Murtaza,

new permanent governor of the central bank is likely to be deployed in a month.

In this regard, Minister of Finance said in a statement issued by the Governor State Bank

Miftah Ismail Raza Baqir term

However Miftah Ismail Raza Baqir term of office shall carry out the affairs of the Governor SBP Deputy Governor Syed Murtaza new appointment date.

Miftah Ismail said daktrmrtzy Syed Sharif authoritative economist and has extensive experience working with the IMF. According to the law the government is obliged to appoint a permanent State Bank in a month. Meanwhile, at the end of his tenure was a statement by Reza Bagher.

In his statement, he said he served given the chance,

have completed my 3 years as governor of the State Bank.

During these 3 years, 4 worked with finance ministers and 5 secretaries of finance,

my job was to provide strategic vision.

He added that overseas Pakistanis I thank encouraging, deputy governors and bank management I want to thank the team,

my opinion you are a pillar of our economic stability.

We have faced many challenges and I am sure we will make the right choices to overcome the upcoming challenges. The Raza Baqir was appointed Governor of the State Bank in 2019 by the former regime to justice.

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