Prophet and prays to the Lord

An Arab villager comes to the Holy Tomb of the Holy Prophet and prays to the Lord: *
Look at the way he asks,
Think about the words!
Believe me, there is a special art, style and manner of asking from the Lord that should be learned from the Arabic living in this village.

  • O Allah! *
  • This is your lover, *
  • I am your slave and Satan is your enemy. *
  • God, if you forgive me, your lover will be happy, *
  • Your servant will be successful and your enemy will be sad … *
  • Mulla, if you do not forgive me, your lover will be sad, *
  • Your slave will fail and your enemy will be happy … *
  • Divine! Your glory is greater than that you grieve for your beloved. *
  • Fail your servant and make your enemy happy … *
  • My Lord, * Prophet and prays to the Lord,
  • We are Arabs here. When a chief dies, slaves are set free at his grave. This is the grave of Muhammad, the ruler of all the worlds, so free me from the fire of Hell here. Amen. * I was stunned to hear this prayer.
    Then spoke to them. I told him my age and when I asked his age, I found out that he was 4 years old and his mother had died at the age of 8.
  • I hesitantly asked to tell the secret of good health? *
    They said just don’t get sick.
  • I said it’s not our business. *
    He laughed and said, “That’s all.”
  • I said you tell me I will do it. *
    He approached me and said softly, “Never put anything in your mouth without Bismillah, whether it is a drop of water or a grain of gram …”
  • I fell silent * Then they said: Allah has not created anything in vain and for no reason. There is wisdom in all things and in it are hidden both advantages and disadvantages. –
    Always eat and drink after reciting Bismillah and keep on giving thanks to the Creator in your heart again and again and even when you finish, raise your hands and give thanks and you will never get sick – InshaAllah
  • My eyes were wet that this man was a great scholar than the mullahs and scholars of our mosques? * It was getting late. I greeted him and got up. He took my hand and said: Listen to the last word about food,
  • I said yes and then sat down * They said, “If you are sitting and eating with someone, never forget to take the initiative, no matter how hungry you are. First put it in the front plate and don’t start until he puts the morsel in his mouth.”
  • I did not dare to ask the benefit? * But he himself said, “This is the charity of your food, and at the same time Allah is pleased that you took care of his servant first. Can you get sick from?
  • Embarrassed, I put my hands on his face and turned to go quickly to see how deprived we and our children are of the small things of religion. Then our society is immersed in every evil. May Allah bless us with all our heart and soul and grant us the correct knowledge and good understanding of religion * Amen

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