prayer today and name your children instead of dots

Read this prayer today and name your children instead of dots … * In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
With this prayer, all our children will be under the protection of Allah. …

… Pray with your children’s names instead of dots O Lord, He gave me … when I was very weak, so keep me in Your shelter because I do not have the energy to shelter them.
O Lord, protect me from every evil, evil and loss. O God, protect …

….. from every disease. O Merciful Lord, do not let me be tested and tested. O Lord, grant me success in Your manifest and hidden trials.

O God, make him one of your righteous, and make him one of the best people in religion, worship and morals, and one of the happiest in life.

O Lord, forbid the haraam from the haraam through halal and do not need anyone but yourself by the grace of Allah. O Merciful Lord, just as you have to protect your holy book till the Day of Judgment, protect the evil of Satan’s regime.

O Merciful Lord, bestow friendship and closeness with Your purest servants and trust in Yourself.

O Lord, get rid of all the diseases that harm the soul and the body, and help me with your good intentions, so that I may have the best hopes and desires for Accept these prayers either Hanan or Manan.

O Lord, bestow upon me the grace and goodness of …….. in my own life and grant me happiness and peace after death through their prayers.

O Most Merciful and Compassionate Lord, I entrust to you my children who are a piece of my liver. When they are hidden from my sight,

they are in front of your eyes. This is the day when the supplication of the parents is accepted for the sake of their children.

Merciful or compassionate
A heartfelt prayer for the children O Allah, I pray to You in the name of Samad, in the name of Your Majesty:

O Lord, correct the condition of my children and have mercy on me! O Allah! Bless them with health and well-being in their age and with your obedience and pleasure.

O Allah! Turn their weakness and disease into strength and healing!

O Lord, make their bodies, ears, eyes, souls and limbs heal! O Allah! Protect them from every evil, sin, error and mistake with your mercy!

O Allah! Make them obedient to you! O Allah! Help me train them, do them good, and make them polite!

O Allah make them good for me! O Allah! I entrust my children to you,

O Great One who does not waste trust,
I ask for protection from every calamity and every evil disease and the evil of night and day and the evil of every envious eye.

O Allah! Protect them from the front, from the back, from the right, from the left and from the top, and from the bottom! O Allah! Put your love in the hearts of my children and make them obedient to you and to the command of your beloved.

O Allah! Save their eyes from seeing the non-mahram, their heart from falling in love with the non-mahram! O Allah! Put the love of my children in the hearts of your servants, subdue the hearts for them!

O Allah, give my children a share in religion, knowledge, morals and love of people! O Creator of the universe! Let their energies, abilities, times, wealth and sustenance be part of your religion, not the enemies of religion.

O Allah, grant my children success and exaltation!

O Allah! Make them among the fortunate and the pious and the rich and the generous and the tolerant and the knowledgeable and the admonisher!

Amen or the Lord of the worlds or the hearer of prayers Pray for your children in these blessed days and convey this message to every parent until they pray for their children and you earn a reward.
Pray daily for your children, do not be lazy while these blessed days pass over you, surely we and you and every parent are in need …

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