Apart from Travelling and adventure.

Apart from Travelling and adventure.

Apart from Travelling and adventure.I am an Horticulturist. This is Mission Fig we locally call it saih en Injeer, however, in Panjgur,city of Date Palm–When Allah (SWT) swears By the fig and also the olive [95:1] in Surat At-Tin.Fresh from my Orchard Pomegranatealso This is the white seed sweet anar in my garden which we mostly use ….  Read More

how Baloch predicts future.

how Baloch predicts future.

Thats how Baloch predicts the future. The tool from which they can predict the future is a “Shoulder bone” of a goat/sheep” which we call Bardast in balochi. In balochistan one can tell you that what will happen in future just by looking at the shoulder bone in front of the sun. However, how Baloch predicts ….  Read More

ancient graveyard located in Panjgur

traditions stander of balochs

The culture traditions living standered of balochs in remote areas of balochistan traditions stander of balochs— Nannorrhops ritchiana (Mazari palm)also is the sole species in the genus Nannorrhops in the palm family Arecaceae. however nannorrhops is abundantly in the dry rivers of Balochistan it’s an evergreen plants baloch call Dazz in balochi. traditions stander of ….  Read More



Locally know as Balochi Poch or Balochi Pashak. BALOCHI EMBROIDERY. Balochistan, usually know for its beautiful landscapes,also beaches, mountains and deserts has a rich culture of arts and crafts. Also, One of the popular arts and crafts of the region is the Balochi embroidery, which is mainly do by women. Its believed that the art ….  Read More

BTS V has interesting REACTION

BTS V has interesting REACTION

BTS member V has an interesting REACTION to a fan who claims she loves Taehyung more than her own husband BTS V has interesting REACTION–The BTS member V responded to a fan’s post on Weverse when he informed, that she loves Taehyung more than her own husband, BTS members have been extremely active virtually amid ….  Read More

FAQ about Corona virus


DID YOU KNOW THESE THINGS HAD NAMES? The space between your eyebrows is calleda glabella. The way it smells after the rain is calledpetrichor. The plastic or metallic coating at the end of your shoelaces is called an aglet. The rumbling of stomach is also actually called a wamble. The cry of a new born ….  Read More

great feature to Google Street View

Google give ARscience search

Google give ARscience search, Google can give you AR science lessons right from the search page however, Google has joined forces with Visible Body to create 3D models of animal, plant and bacteria cells, as well. Google give AR science from search, You’ll able to zoom in on the cells’ organelles, making it much easier ….  Read More

BTS Big hit Entertainment Bang Bang

15 Underrated South Korean bands

15 Underrated South Korean bands you should be listening to: 15 Underrated South Korean bands–Love K-pop? Here is a list of 15 underrated South Korean groups to check out. Raise your hand if you like K-pop. South Korean pop music or K-pop is becoming more of a global phenomenon. With a wide range of pop ….  Read More

Pfizer Says COVID-19 Vaccine

Lack testing stokes fears

Lack of virus testing stokes fears in world’s refugee camps Lack testing stokes fears—–There are over 70 million people worldwide They have been driven from their homes by war and unrest. Up to 10 million they packed into refugee camps and informal settlements, and almost they have tested none for the coronavirus. While the relative ….  Read More

Covid-19 Live Updates

Young COVID-19 Stroke Victims

Young COVID-19 Stroke Victims; Alzheimer’s Seaweed Drug; Parkinson’s Med OK’d COVID-19 linked to large vessel stroke in young adults, which showed either mild or no symptoms of infection. However, according to a Mount Sinai Hospital neuro-interventionalist and others. (CNN) FDA filings for aducanumab, Biogen’s controversial Alzheimer’s drug candidate, will delayed until the third quarter, the ….  Read More