Imran Vomiting poison of against the organization

Imran Niazi Vomiting poison of a conspiracy against the organization, CM

Notice should be taken under the Constitution and the law, it would be democracy and anarchy everywhere,

agency nurse kuladly child like this, we should get the support of 20 percent off the plane from Pakistan to address the development

While Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Imran Niazi conspiracy against zhraglnapakstan against the institution,

should be taken notice under the Constitution and law,

be they want democracy and everywhere chaos, company nurse like this kuladly children,

we 20 percent support if they should get off the ship by the development of Pakistan.

They are not in power, said Speaking at the National Assembly today,

but you gave this institution milk three and a half years of kuladly child, without fear denies say that in 75 years,

the ruling body of the government and the Prime Minister of Pakistan such was not support

such Imran Niazi who support this service it was unfortunate that despite this not learned,

not some, not performance, not people, if 20 percent of the support we receive we they take off like the country of the ship, but despite all the support miserably failed,

will play no I will not sports I would say today, this is where the way?

Imran Niazi of the language

I think Imran Niazi of the language of that is, if the Constitution did not come strictly under the law is an earthquake,

you want to take this country by the insurgency that democracy should be removed and aysanzam

I want this notice to be taken, it is not because I am the Prime Minister to, we have to control the moment.

If control has been lost, then no child ga.qum time, day and night have been thieves and robbers chord,

divided nation, the PTI chairman said that he was terrible and dangerous, it said that the Nawab Siraj al-Daula,

the chief Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq out, his direct criticism of our institutions,

yesterday told the journalists that are being distributed certificates of loyalty and betrayal,

we have the National security Committee meeting, the uS ambassador said in the letter that I had written a letter threatening we were talking, but treason and conspiracy came from?

However The ambassador’s words, which at that time was in the United States, who was no mention far the conspiracy

that the government was clear it was released to the SNC, Pakistan had written the letter,

if the threat is be if Henry had Zulfiqar Bhutto to take you know, so was XI when Pakistan to be threatened,

leading Russian late Yahya Khan in 1970 has aurbatyn had written threatening letters,

it threatens India we are threatened every day, what they are plotting.

Self Imran Khan said that I congratulate the Modi government will have to solve Kashmir issue,

he said he did not hear the phone, threatening to date are many long,

Imran Niazi said yesterday that the worst conversation,

Khan Niazi took the name Siraj al-Daula and Mir Jafar about the organization of Pakistan,

with the more heinous acts can not, Imran Niazi has zhragla against institutions they plot against Pakistan,

if not by the constitution and law God forbid, it will be stopped if the image of Syria and Libya.

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