How inhalation heals in water scientific research.

How inhalation heals in water, scientific research.
Water has no color of its own, no smell, and no solid substance.

Rather, water absorbs the effects of everything inside it and takes on the same substance as what you put into it.

A Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted various experiments on water which are described in his book The hidden message in water,

which was translated into Urdu by Muhammad Ali Syed in a very interesting way in his book “Wonders of Water”.

By reading this we get an idea of ​​the amazing effects of words of thanks and ungratefulness. The Japanese scientist began freezing water in his laboratory in the form of ice crystals.

For this purpose he took samples of distilled water, tap water and river and lake water

and frozen them in the form of ice crystals.
From this experiment he learned that water,

if absolutely pure, makes its crystals very beautiful, but if it is not pure, then the crystals do not form from scratch or become very ugly.

He observed that distilled water (used in injection) made beautiful crystals, crystal clear water from crystal clear lake water but no crystals from tap water at all because it contains chlorine and other disinfectants.

He did another experiment by collecting the same water in different bottles and playing different kinds of music in front of each bottle.

From each type of music came a new form of crystals. Meaning water took a different effect of each music.
Then he did another experiment, the results of which were astonishing. He collected samples of different types of water in white glass bottles.

On the distilled water bottle he wrote “You Fool” and on the tap water bottle he wrote “Thank You” meaning pure water with contemptuous phrases. I put it in different places.

All the laboratory staff were told to pass the bottle, look at the water in the bottle of You Fool

and say “You Fool” and “Thank You” by placing your hand on your chest and bend down and say thank you very much.

Say “Thank You” to him.
This process continued for 25 days. On the 25th day, both bottles of water were made into ice. The results were astonishing.

From distilled water (which was pure water and before that very beautiful crystals were formed from the same water) crystals were formed but very ugly.

water crystals on which he had once inscribed “SATAN”.

According to Dr. Amoto, these crystals were similar to the water crystals on which he had once inscribed “SATAN”.

The tap water, which had not formed crystals before, this time had “Thank You” written on it

and many people had been looking at this water for 25 days and saying “Thank You”.

The beautiful ones became crystals.
This clearly means that water has the same effect on things and takes on the same nature. Good things from good things and bad things from bad things.
Thank you and you fool
The experiment was also done with food items. Two pieces of a cake were cut and one was called Thank you and the other You fool.

Once again, the bad word cake piece went bad long before its normal time while the good word

cake piece remained fresh and tasty for a long time longer than its normal time.

Bismillah-ur-Rehman-ur-Rehman on water, how is it blessed?

Meaning eating and drinking everything takes the effect of words and thinking. From these experiences we understand that
When we recite Bismillah-ur-Rehman-ur-Rehman on water, how is it blessed?

If Surah Al-Fatihah or any other scripture is recited on food and drink then how the nature of water changes and heals the drinker.

How does He create light inside us when we eat Allah’s Name or Wajid on every morsel of bread?

Subhan Allah
But here’s another analysis that we put food in front of what we eat and what we think our food also affects.

The bad effect of negative thinking and negative things and the good effect of good things. If we gossip about people while eating, the food will go to our stomach with bad effect.

If we eat food while watching TV dramas or movies, then that food will go into our stomach and show the same effect..💦💦💦💦
This is a very interesting article. After reading it, I felt a sense of surprise as well as pride and a strange joy.

Our religion, our Lord and our Merciful Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)

blessed us with such great blessings even fourteen hundred years ago.

سبحان اللہ

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