fishing with grasshoppers as bait

fishing with grasshoppers as bait River banks covered with tall grasses

and bushes are great grasshopper habitat and the fish know it.

They patrol just offshore waiting for a big juicy grasshopper to fall into the water. Just a couple twitches on the surface will ring the dinner bell for hungry fish!

I like fishing grasshoppers on the surface by hooking them at the base of the thick armor plate at the end of the thorax.

I want it to stay alive and kicking! While use a small casting bobber to get them out, but stay on the surface and look very natural.

Catching grasshoppers can be a great kid activity.

You can get an insect net and catch them that way, or stalk them and catch them one at a time.

When my boys were young I offered them a ten cent bounty on grasshoppers in the 1 ½ to 2-inch range.

The garden was an easy place to start. The kids had fun, and for a few bucks, I had more than enough bait for several fishing trips.

Dick Turpin, former Chief Game Warden for the State of Nebraska, seminar speaker and humorist,

once did a segment on an easy way to catch grasshoppers on OutdoOutdoor .

Turpin said that he had a long country lane to drive down in order to get to a favored fishing spot.

At this time of year, grasshoppers were constantly flying in front of him,

bouncing off the windshield, hood and grill of his pickup.

Turpin had one of his characteristic ideas. He covered a significant portion of the front of his pickup with double-face tape.

The next time he drove down the road to his fishing spot the grasshoppers stuck to the tape. When he got to his fishing hole, he just plucked a grasshopper off the tape whenever he needed more bait. 

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