Fear of clash outside Parliament House

Fear of clash outside Parliament House on March 28

Members of the no-confidence motion will have to pass through PTI workers outside Parliament House, facing a similar situation on their way back.

Opposition parties have also begun preparations to deal with the situation.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has barred ministers and spokespersons from making statements against the leaders of the coalition parties.

A vote of confidence is due to take place, but it is difficult to say what will happen after the drop-off, according to the Information Minister.

If they go to the Parliament House to exercise their voting right in the PTI movement, they will have to go through the PTI workers outside

the Parliament House and they will have to face the same situation in return, even though the government has decided.

The power show is scheduled to take place on March 27, a day before the polls,

but the opposition’s concerns and reservations remain after the leaders of the opposition parties reportedly consulted on the situation.

PML-N sources said that all the opposition parties have started preparations to deal with any situation on March 28 and instructions have been issued to the workers to be ready.

Regarding the protest and political resistance, Maulana Fazl Rehman’s party has a special reference,

they can order a large number of their followers from KPK and Rawalpindi Islamabad to reach Islamabad. But any slogan can spark dynamite.

JUI-F spokesperson Aslam Ghauri said that in any case,

we will go to the Parliament House with more than 172 members.

Issued instructions to all workers to deal with any situation.

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