Fans lose interest in IPL

Fans lose interest in IPL, TV rankings fall sharply

TV ratings for the first week of IPL 2022 are 33% lower than last year,

with many citing long-running leagues as the reason for the lack of interest.

In the current season of Indian Premier League (IPL), the interest of the spectators seems to be waning as the number of spectators has decreased.

According to reports, TV ratings for the first week of IPL 2022 are 33% lower than last year. The Indian Premier League is reportedly the largest T20 league in the world with a large audience.

The obsession of the fans with the league has made it the biggest brand of cricket economically in many years.

Higher profit margins have in turn helped the IPL attract big names in cricket and even more hype,

but the start of the year has not been as good as expected for the IPL.

Ten teams full of stars competed for the trophy and the reaction from cricket fans was expected

that they would reach new heights but so far this has not happened.

Many have blamed the league’s continued longevity for the lack of interest. This year, apart from the final round,

70 IPL matches are scheduled between the ten teams. So far 15 matches have been played. The IPL started on March 26 and will be played till May 29.

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