Ex-stalker touches on moments BTS

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Ex-stalker touches on moments BTS boys ‘couldn’t escape’

Ex-stalker touches on moments BTS, Stalkers of K-Pop groups have wreaked havoc on the mental

health of stars since the inception of the South Korean entertainment industry.

The term many fans of K-Pop reserve for this type of obsessive behavior is ‘sasaengs’.

Not only are these stalkers excessively intruding, but they also buy and sell private,

confidential material of BTS without consent on underground channels.

An ex-sasaeng shed light on it all during their interview on the YouTube channel Sherliza Moe.

There they explained, “The reason why illegal flight information is so popular amongst

sasaengs is because in that situation the members are so vulnerable, they can’t escape.”

“That’s the only place where they can’t escape from sasaengs.

We are all trapped in the same small enclosed space for hours and that situation makes it so attractive for sasaengs.”

During their interview, a former sasaeng recalled moments when they would sneak

into airplane bathrooms at the same time as the members, simply to get within their general vicinity.

“I’ve been to ones where I was in the same first-class as BTS. I saw how two sasaengs always went to the toilet when one member needed to go. They acted as if they didn’t know them but it was obvious that they were sasaengs.

I watched them, and every time one member finished, the two sasaengs went into the toilet to do whatever perverted thing they needed to do. It was a creepy experience.”

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