Daygan Graves.

The coastal city of Balochistan, Pasni has its own interesting history owing to its unique geographic position.

However Pasni has been a gateway to South Asia for several adventurers and colonial powers as many expeditions passed through Pasni.

Whether you speak of Alexander the Great’s expedition in 326BC along with his admiral Nearchus or talk about attacks by Arab Pirates in the 15th Century, or Portuguese attack of the 16th Century or the colonial invasion of the English in the 19th Century, all of these invaders passed through Pasni.

The recently discovered ancient graves clearly bear traces of foreign culture and civilisations. Some of these graves lie to the southwest of the city.

These are very different from the local Muslim graves and are located at considerable distance from the local graveyard.

These graves are said to be of Kalamati soldiers who died while resisting foreign invaders like Portuguese’s invasion of Balochistan in 16th Century.

One the graves stones Islamic kalmas and names inscribed in Persian can be seen.

More graves have been discovered to the east of the city. It is said that these graves are of Bedouins and Portuguese who were killed in a combat against Balochs.

source by shahab ud din Facebook page

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