Could not stop the dollar value

Could not stop the dollar value

On the first day of the trading week, the US currency price went above Rs 188

after an increase of more than Rs 1

I could not stop rising dollar,

the US currency in the first week has gone up from Rs 188 level of more than Rs 1 increase.

According to the political uncertainty in the country has been torn badly pakstanyh money in the currency market. Seen staggering increases in the price of the dollar on the first day of the week.

US Currency 1 money raise Rs 30 to Rs 188

in the open market reached the highest level in 30 funds.

While US $ 90 money than money in the interbank market has become more expensive.

According to State Bank data, the US dollar increased from Rs 186 to 63 paise to Rs 187, 53 paise

against the rupee at the Interbank on Monday.

The Pakistan Monday was the worst record in the stock market downturn, sank billions of investors.

The business during the first business day of the current week was the worst hit,

the 100 index lost 476.01 points at ten o’clock, noon to 12 pm downturn was also cross 1 thousand points.

More than 1500 points downturn in business in the index was recorded at two o’clock.

However, some improvements to the business index showed decline to 1447.67 points,

the bearish stock market fell psychological barrier of 44 thousand

during the trading in the worst slump of 5 months and closed at the level of 100 Index 43393.14 points a.

There was a decline of 3.23 percent in business during the business day, 7 crore 17 lakh 35 thousand 940 shares were transacted.

While the recession caused investors suffered a loss of over Rs 180 billion.

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