BTS’ Suga RM and J-Hope’s moon signs truly REFLECT their personalities

BTS’ Suga RM and J-Hope’s moon signs truly REFLECT their personalities, BTS has come a really long way. The septet which consists of seven members, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook enjoy massive popularity across the globe. BTs consists of a rap line and a vocal line. However, when given a chance, they flaunt different styles of singing as well. RM, Suga and J-Hope make for the rap line of BTS.

They are highly talented and into producing and composing songs as well. They have independent studios where they like to work on their music.

Meanwhile , all three of them are hyungs to the rest of the BTS members except for Jin who is the eldest. Let’s have a dekko at their personalities through their moon signs.

moon sign is said to be Sagittarius.

First up, we will have a dekko at BTS’ leader RM aka Kim Namjoon. His moon sign is said to be Sagittarius. People with this moon sign are knowledge seekers.

While They love to learn, listen, know new things. Sagittarians love to spend time pondering over artistic things. They also have a high receptive ability which enables them to be reflective on their words, actions and thoughts. RM’s personality is just like that.

His thoughts are profound and so intelligent. No wonder, he loves to visit places that give him time to open up his mind like museums. Sagittarians also love reading. They are capable of lots of things.

RM has proved his mettle as an artist, rapper and producer countless times. People with this moon sign love travelling and tend to pick jobs that entail the same.

Second is Suga, the Daechwita hitmaker who is coming up with another composition, You. Suga aka Min Yoongi’s moon sign is Virgo. People with Virgo as their Moon sign are observant types.

They love to do everything in an organised manner and hence, they like to be prepared beforehand. Suga’s dedication towards his studio is heart-melting. Virgos are known to be caring and kind. Suga is always taking care of his bandmates and looking out for them.

He is silently cheering up for them all the time. Virgos love to relax but don’t mind going out and chilling. Suga has proved the statement ‘n’ number of times on Run BTS/ Bon Voyage.

Last but not least, J-Hope. However Jung Hosoek’s moon sign is said to be Taurus. People with this Moon sign are warm and friendly individuals. This holds true for Hobi as he is considered to be the sunshine of BTS.

However MAMA hitmaker is always cheering on his fellow BTS members. People with the Taurus moon sign love to collect things. They are stylish, dependable and loyal.

Such individuals are very dynamic also. Hobi loves dancing a lot and he has a unique sense of fashion. His airport outings are loved by the BTS ARMY.

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