Month: April 2020

Irrfan Khan obituary

Irrfan Khan obituary

Irrfan Khan obituary, The charismatic actor Irrfan Khan, Irrfan Khan obituary, who has died aged 53 from a colon infection following diagnosis of a neuroendocrine tumour, However, successful career in British and US cinema while also headlining blockbusters in his native India. However,His contrasting roles in two recent Oscar-winners alone hinted at his range: in ….  Read More

Rishi Kapoor star indefatigable

Rishi Kapoor India film legend dead

Rishi Kapoor India film legend dead— Rishi Kapoor, one of India’s most beloved film actors who best known for his romantic roles, has died. He was 67. Kapoor hospitalized in Mumbai on Wednesday. “He is suffering from cancer and he has some breathing problems. So he has admitted to the hospital,”Rishi Kapoor India film legend ….  Read More

Covid-19 Live Updates

Young COVID-19 Stroke Victims

Young COVID-19 Stroke Victims; Alzheimer’s Seaweed Drug; Parkinson’s Med OK’d COVID-19 linked to large vessel stroke in young adults, which showed either mild or no symptoms of infection. However, according to a Mount Sinai Hospital neuro-interventionalist and others. (CNN) FDA filings for aducanumab, Biogen’s controversial Alzheimer’s drug candidate, will delayed until the third quarter, the ….  Read More

Latest NEWS Locust attack in India

Desert locust|MADAG in local language

Desert locust|MADAG in local language-Desert locust which we call MADAG in local language is one of the most devastating migratory pests in the world. It is highly mobile and feeds on large quantities of any kind of green vegetation, including crops, pasture, and fodder. A typical swarm can made up of 150 million locusts per ….  Read More

BTS Big hit Entertainment Bang Bang

Army Power Respect BTS V

Army Power Respect BTS V- however,Big hit did a big blunder again. #Respect BTS V is one trend on twitter . As army s are not happy with what big hit did to v. Meanwhile They forgot to mention his writing on the BTS merchandise. Army Power Respect BTS V-We want respect for our Beloved ….  Read More

The Quarry Film Review

The Quarry Film Review

The Quarry Film Review–It’s the kind of West Texas town you’ve seen in a thousand movies — not just tranquil but barren, stock-still, a real desolation row, like a postcard that may or may not contain living things. Michael Shannon, as a local police chief, explains that it’s the sort of small town that people ….  Read More

That Ohio protest photo zombie.

That Ohio protest photo zombie.

That Ohio protest photo looked like a zombie movie. Zombie movie directors think so, too. The Columbus Dispatch photographer’s image is frightening and compelling. Approximately 100 protesters who were urging Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine to end the state’s stay-at-home order and reopen businesses pressed up against the glass doors to the statehouse, chanting and banging ….  Read More

FAQ about Corona virus

Bill Gates|Computer Science Corona

Bill Gates To Talk Computer Science And Corona virus On ‘Code Break,’’s Interactive Classroom Bill Gates, left, and Code.Org founder Hadi Partovi. (Geek Wire, Code.Org Photos) Code.Org, the non-profit whose goal is to teach computer science to every child in America, is bringing. “Code Break,” an especially computer savvy guest to “Code Break,” which ….  Read More

Islamabad records Covid-19 rate

How Do You Deal with Corona virus in an Apartment

How Do You Deal with Corona virus in an Apartment–Towers of Fear: How Do You Deal with Corona virus in an Apartment or Condo? The logic behind the stay-at-home orders in effect in most parts of the United States is that if people stay home and maintain social distancing, the spread of corona virus will ….  Read More